Franklin TN

5 Reasons to Visit Franklin, Tennessee

companyBSP Aug 24, 2017

Discover Franklin, TN: A Hidden Gem Among Great Cities

Great cities are scattered all over the United States; tucked away between mountain ranges and sprawled out across sunny beaches. Yet, when planning vacations, we often gravitate towards big-name tourist centers like New York, Miami, or Las Vegas. While these cities offer their own allure, they can also be crowded and expensive. For a change of pace, consider the quaint charm and peaceful adventure found in smaller cities in the southern states, like Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin, Tennessee: Top 5 Reasons to Visit

1. City-Hosted Festivals and Events

Franklin's city calendar is always brimming with events, from family-friendly activities to romantic getaways. Downtown Franklin transforms into a themed wonderland for various festivals, attracting both locals and visitors.

2. Southern History Museums and Monuments

Franklin is a prime location for history enthusiasts. The Carnton Plantation and The Factory at Franklin are must-visit sites, offering a glimpse into the past with their rich historical significance.

3. Nature Reserves and Parks

Franklin's scenic beauty is unmatched, with numerous parks and nature reserves like Timberland Park. It's a perfect spot for bird watching, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

4. Local Breweries

The city's breweries, such as Mantra Artisan Ales and Cool Springs Brewery, offer unique experiences with their diverse styles and flavors. Don't forget to take some growlers home!

5. Leiper’s Fork Village

Explore the historic village of Leiper’s Fork, a welcoming community with art galleries, outdoor theatres, and delicious Southern cuisine. It's a true representation of Southern hospitality and small-town charm.

The Verdict

Franklin, TN, is an off-the-beaten-path city that offers something for everyone: art, beer, nature, and more. With its affordable accommodations and proximity to major airports, it's an ideal vacation destination that promises a unique experience.