Why Should You Install An Outdoor Faucet?

companyBSP Jun 8, 2023

Why Should You Install An Outdoor Faucet?

The Benefits of an Outdoor Faucet

​This is the type of feature that every garden should have: a hot/cold water spigot or faucet or even several in your backyard. The main advantage is that you will be able to clean dirty or muddy equipment before it enters your house, thus limiting the need to clean your home too often.

For garden lovers, an outdoor faucet will make watering your garden or your lawn easier. Once you are done gardening, you will be able to clean your garden tools in a second. Same idea applies with picnic dishes - after some outdoor adventure with your family or friends, you have the option to wash it off before you take it in. But the fun doesn't stop there. It will also make washing your dog easier. No more pet hair inside. And no more mud leading in an out the laundry room where you used to wash your dog. With an outdoor hot water faucet, your furry friend will still feel comfortable and won't have have frozen paws.

The cherry on the cake would be to install a hose bib that will allow you to choose between hot and cold water. Many features are now available and you can control the temperature efficiently but also choose from a variety of finishes. Modern faucets are guaranteed not to freeze which is extremely useful during winter for your outdoor plumbing system.

Install a Hose Bib

You will be able to wash your car with hot water which is more efficient to remove the grease and dirt found on the roads. The engine block and undercarriage can be taken care of the same way. Cold water is often not able to properly clean your car and bringing hot water with buckets from the inside is a pain. Save yourself some time and effort by installing an outdoor spigot in front of your house or in the back near the garage.

If you like the great outdoors, as a fisherman or as a camper, it will help you a great deal. Stop gutting the fish in your kitchen sink and your spouse will say "thank you". And as you already know, there is also a matter of smell...After your camping trip, you can clean thoroughly your equipment with hot water. From camp stoves to canopies, coolers and cookware, every single piece of equipment can be washed with hot water. It will also extend the life of your camping equipment.

How to Install an Outdoor Water Faucet

Now how do you install it and how much is it? The price will usually range from $300 to $450 depending on the plumber/contractor you work with. It will depend on the difficulty to connect your water supply to the faucet too. The time and effort involved will depend on whether you have a basement or crawlspace.

What tools will you need? A corded drill, a pipe wrench, a tube cutter and an adjustable wrench should be enough for this type of DIY project.

If you can, you should invest directly in a frost free outdoor faucet. It will avoid some future disagreements and you won't have to replace it too often either.

​The pipe leading outside won't burst again!