7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal That You Have

companyBSP Apr 14, 2020

When you hear the word “garbage disposal” you probably assume it’s for all garbage. Sadly, it’s not. There are several things you should never put down your garbage disposal.

1. Grease
When grease cools down, it hardens. This can easily lead to a clogged drain. So what should you do? Pour your grease into a container that can handle heat. After it has cooled down and hardened, empty the grease into the trash.

2. Coffee Grounds
You would think that since coffee grounds are small, they wouldn’t have a problem going down the drain. Unfortunately, coffee grounds will stick to the drain, causing a clogged up sink that smells like old coffee. Instead, save your coffee grounds for composting!

3. Egg Shells
If you put egg shells down your drain, they will stick. When you put other items down your drain, they will end up sticking to the egg shells. This leads to a stinky egg smelling clogged drain. Put your egg shells to good use by using them for composting, just like coffee grounds.

4. Banana & Potato Peels
Both of these items will turn into a gooey sticky glue-like substance when put down the drain. What can you do instead? Use these items for composting.

5. Beans, Rice, & Pasta
What do beans, rice, and pasta have in common? They all grow and expand when wet. That being said, never put these items down the drain! These will for sure clog it up. Throw these bad boys away in the trash!

6. Fruit Pits
Most people assume that all fruits are totally fine going down the drain. Unfortunately, this is the opposite. Most fruits can actually crack or break your disposal blades.

7. Paint
What happens to paint over time? It dries up. When you rinse out your brushes in a sink, you’re basically painting the inside of your drain. This will eventually lead to a drain clog. Instead, clean your brushes outside!

In conclusion, it’s best to understand what can and cannot go down your drain, and how to properly take care of it. When in doubt, call a professional, and if you have a clog that just seems impossible to fix, schedule with us!